A WhatsApp Pink Scam has been circulating, it is a Fake app that can steal user data and gain access to phones

A WhatsApp Pink Scam has been circulating, it is a Fake app that can steal user data and gain access to phones

WhatsApp Pink is a malicious app that, once activated, will steal your data and enable hackers to gain access to your account. Any users have sent a notification containing a connection that purports to include the original WhatsApp experience in a pink colour and add new functionality. Rather than making any improvements to the original WhatsApp installation, the connection directs users to a website where they can download the malicious WhatsApp Pink app. It’s worth noting that the service has no links to either WhatsApp or Facebook.

Rajshekhar Rajaharia, a cybersecurity expert, sent out a tweet to alert people to the spread of WhatsApp Pink. He’s also included a few screenshots demonstrating how the malware programme imitates WhatsApp’s interface in order to deceive consumers.

“As soon as the bogus WhatsApp app is installed, it sends out a message with a guide to download it. The hacker’s aim seems to be to gather as much user data as possible,” Rajaharia told Gadgets 360.

He went on to state the WhatsApp Pink was mostly aimed at cops and journalists. Police officers in Delhi and Rajasthan were initially sent a connection to download the software.

Data Ram Yadav, a Delhi Police inspector, told Rajaharia about WhatsApp Pink after seeing the message being circulated in one of the police groups on WhatsApp.

The bad guys who spread the WhatsApp Pink message seem to have used various connections. Nonetheless, users are advised not to open any such links that appear to offer WhatsApp a new look or functionality.

In a prepared statement sent to Gadgets 360, WhatsApp said, “Anyone may get an unexpected, uncharacteristic, or suspicious notification on any service, even email, and if that happens, we highly advise everybody to take caution before answering or engaging.” “We also recommend that users use the resources we have inside the app to give us a report, report a conversation, or block a contact on WhatsApp in particular.”

This isn’t the first time that a fake WhatsApp version has surfaced. In the past, users were targeted by a WhatsApp Gold version developed by hackers to steal personal information.

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