Along with other new features, Google Maps adds a new road-editing method.

Along with other new features, Google Maps adds a new road-editing method.

Google Maps has a new function that allows users to connect non-existent roads to their maps.

Have you ever come across a path that isn’t marked on Google Maps? You may have seen many of them, and Google is now allowing users to add certain roads to Google maps using the desktop road-editing app.

“With a modern, interactive desktop road editing app, we’ve made it easier for you to report road changes. When you see a missing road on, simply click on the side menu button, pick “Edit the map,” and then “Missing Road.” “,, take a look at a blog post

“Draw lines to add missing roads, rename roads easily, alter road directionality, and realign or erase incorrect roads. You may also inform us if a road is closed, including dates, explanations, and directions. We’ll vet contributed road updates before publishing them to ensure that the suggestions and edits are right “Google went on to say that

In the coming months, the feature will be available in over 80 countries, allowing users to edit and add paths. Google also mentioned that it would double-check all suggestions and edits before publishing them.

Not only that, but the tech giant also unveiled two new Google Maps features. One of the latest features is a national competition called “Local Love challenge,” which will allow Maps users to leave helpful feedback, images, and notifications for businesses. This feature is only available on Android and is only available in the United States.

“Each donation will help us reach our target of updating 100,000 companies. We’ll use the feedback from the Local Love challenge to help us plan future campaigns in different countries “, Google stated.

In the coming weeks, Google will also introduce a new content form called photo updates to Google Maps. A Google Maps photo update is a recent photograph of a location accompanied by a brief text summary, with no requirement to leave a review or ranking.

Tap the “upload a photo update” button to add your own update, then pick your pictures, write a brief summary, and submit. You can upload as many images as you want, and the Notifications tab contains photo updates left by others.

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