anyoption Trading App Review: Pros, Cons & Insights

anyoption Trading App Review: Pros, Cons & Insights

As technology continues to improve, the way we live is changing quite rapidly. These days, more people are cutting the cord than ever before. That’s because these days, mobile devices have more capabilities than they ever had before. With that said, trading apps are starting to take off in the investing community; and one of the most popular seems to be anyoption’s “Binary Options Mobile Trading”. So today, we’ll discuss what the app is, the pros and cons, and whether or not you should consider downloading it.

What Is anyoption’s “Binary Options Mobile Trading” App?

The anyoption mobile trading app is an app that’s designed for both Apple and Android devices; and like the name suggests, it’s a financial application that allows users to trade binary options on the go. For those of you that aren’t currently traders, binary options trading is an investment vehicle based on an all or nothing proposition. Essentially, the trader would determine if the value of an asset is likely to rise or fall. Then if the trader believed the value would rise, he would purchase a call option. Adversely if the trader believed the value would fall, he would purchase a put option. If the trader is correct when the option expires, it will expire in the money and the trader will realize gains. Adversely, if the trader is proven to be incorrect, the option will expire out of the money and the trader will realize losses.

The Broker Behind The App

When downloading any application associated with investing, it’s incredibly important that you take the time to get to know the company that offers the application. After all, we’re talking about money; and it’s important to ensure that your money is safe. With that said, anyoption is arguably the first broker to make a business out of retail binary options. As one of the companies that revolutionized the industry, they aren’t only well known, they are one of the best brokers to work with. When trading with anyoption, traders know that their money is secure with a trusted and licensed binary options broker.

Binary Options Mobile Trading Pros & Cons

Pros – Considering that anyoption is one of the world’s leading binary options trading broker, it’s to be expected that there are several pros with regard to their trading app. In testing the app, I found that all features that are currently available through their online trading platform are also available through the app. This means that traders will not be forced to give up functionality if they decide to trade on the go.  Some of my favorite features associated with the trading app include…

Rollover – Rollover gives traders the ability to extend their expiry period when assets are taking longer to move than they expected. This gives the trader unique control over risk when trading binary options.

Take Profit – Take Profit allows traders to close trades before their expiry period ends. This means that once the value of the asset reaches the strike price, traders can take their profit without worrying about the value of the asset falling out of range and the option expiring out of the money.

  • Choose Your Profit – Choose your profit is another tool that allows traders a unique advantage with regard to risk. Traders can opt for higher profit, higher risk trades or decide to trade with a lower profit to bring down the risk associated with trading.

Cons – The only con I was able to find was that the app is not currently available to traders in the United States. Nonetheless, if you are anywhere else in the world, the app will be available to you.

Final Thoughts

If you’re considering taking trading binary options on the go, I would strongly suggest giving anyoption’s “Binary Options Mobile Trading” app a shot. Pound for pound, it’s one of the best, if not the best mobile trading apps on the market today.


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