Apple Watch could soon be regulated by blowing on it.

Apple Watch could soon be regulated by blowing on it.

Apple is developing a new application that allows consumers to power their Apple Watch simply by blowing on it. Not only will the feature be included on the Apple Watch, but it will also be included on other Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad. The Cupertino behemoth has filed a patent claim, which the US Patent and Trademark Office has issued. Apple also unveiled a non-touch user interface for the MacBook and AirPods, which included 3D in-air gestures. Since no corporation has ever attempted a “blow and power” feature, this feature seems to be exceptional. However, this is only for upcoming Apple computers, so it will be some time before the company makes the functionality official.

Apple has highlighted in its patent application that it will be vaulting a technology that senses blow events and transitions between various modes of an electronic device depending on observed blow events. ” The blow event signifies that the consumer would be forced to blow on a system in a certain manner in order for it to execute such functions.

“Portable electronic devices often require a user’s first hand to handle or wear the device, as well as a second hand to physically communicate with the device in order to provide user input instructions and monitor the device’s features. When a person is unable to physically communicate with an electronic device in order to provide input instructions, the device’s user experience suffers dramatically “According to the patent,

For example, if both hands are busy and you want to answer a call on your Apple Watch, you can literally blow on to attend the call. Similarly, you can trigger a function by blowing on the Apple Watch in a particular manner. The patent suggests that the feature will not only fit on the Apple Watch, but also on upcoming iPhones and iPads.

It’s worth remembering that while Apple files a lot of patents per year, not all of them are enforced.

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