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Business App, Khata and All-in-One QR Payment for Trading Partners Introduced in India

Paytm and Paytm All-in-One QR for its Indian business partners have today announced the launch of its latest Paytm for Company App and Mobile Khata. Also for little companies and business partners, the company has recently announced its All-in-One Mobile POS.

At the beginning with Paytm for the Business application, you will monitor and pay all your payments from a single location for medium and multinational companies. You will immediately make bulk transfers to your Paytm Wallet, checking account and UPI’s using APIs or Paytm for Business Dashboards.

The company has shown that fees for both B2B and B2C participants are streamlined. A vast amount of vendors, wages and grocery allowances, bonuses or immediate refund to their clients and even certain costs including energy charges for various offices may even be rendered regularly.

Coming to Paytm Business Khata, Paytm for Company is incorporated. The retailers can use this function to set payment deadlines for credit transactions, request automatic recalls and reminders for payment. Reports on clear checking, regular sales/business growth, and consumer payments are also available for download without additional cost through UPI or wallet.

The company has launched the latest all-in-one QR code from Paytm, which supports now purchases from Paytm Wallet, Rupay Cards and all channels focused on UPI. Keeping multiple QRs from different companies will therefore no longer be required. The company also revealed that dealers will collect unrestricted charges to their bank accounts directly at zero percent commissions.

The brand had previously launched an Android POS app for all-in-one traders in the country. The Paytm wallet, both UPI based applications and debit and card and cash can be used by traders. In addition to approval of payments, merchants may generate GST-conforming charges and handle all purchases and settlements in one go through their Business Paytm app.

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