The flagship e-bike of an Indian startup has been launched - Ninety One's Meraki

AlphaVector, a homegrown startup, has announced the launch of Meraki by Ninety One, the first e-bike in India. The e-bicycle, which costs Rs 29,999 and needs no licence, is designed to encourage millennials and Gen-Z to reclaim the outdoors by exploiting India’s growing e-bike market. With this introduction, AlphaVector enters the global e-bike industry, which is expected to reach $38.6 billion by 2025. Meraki has already received 100+ pre-booking registrations

Wireless charging – the working principle behind it

Just as humanity got a hang of using the microUSB to charge anything and everything, the stakes for a new and innovative product came along. That Product is the wireless charging. To start off with the basics, it uses the concept of electromagnetic induction to transmit power from a source pad to the batteries in phone through mid-air. Digging in deeper towards its actual workflow, I am sure you would remember