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Uber is introducing an On-Demand cash-out option for drivers

Uber today announced the introduction of an on-demand cash-out function for driver partners across Moto, Auto, and Vehicles, in order to streamline payments and allow qualifying drivers to cash out their earnings every day of the week after receiving a minimum of Rs 200.  “Drivers drive our market, and we have always said there is no Uber without drivers,” said Pavan Vaish, Head of Supply & Driver Operations, Uber India

$80 per year for CarPlay access BMW tracks on decisions

  Luxury carmaker BMW had a little questioned the plan to charge new customers an $80 per annum payment for Apple’s “CarPlay” technology earlier in the year. Since luxury BMW cars come with the high price tags, the whole scenario, if not the least, was smiling. As we mentioned in our original reporting, there is certainly no lacking of extra 80 $a year for people who will buy a high-end BMW vehicle, but this has always been seen by the market as a catastrophic business tactic. Originally, BMW paid CarPlay a monthly $300 premium, then