What is the procedure for obtaining a COVID immunisation certificate via WhatsApp?

Since the second wave of COVID arrived in India in April, the immunisation campaign has been in full swing. A certificate is given to the individual who has been vaccinated as proof of immunisation. This may be obtained through the CoWIN site, which is where the vaccine was scheduled. However, there is now an even quicker option to obtain the COVID immunisation certificate and preserve it safely, and that is

Along with the Digital Wallet, Facebook is considering adding NFT features

Facebook is contemplating developing goods and services for nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, the digital assets that have exploded in popularity as a result of the growth of blockchain technology. In an interview with Bloomberg Television on Tuesday, Facebook executive David Marcus stated, “We’re absolutely looking at the amount of ways to become engaged in the area because we think we’re in a pretty strong position to do so.” Marcus is

How can I use Instagram's desktop uploading feature?

On Thursday, Facebook revealed that Instagram is adding a desktop publishing function, allowing users to post straight from their computers. Unfortunately, until they found a solution, Instagram users could only publish stories through their phone app. Instagram is gradually introducing the option to publish directly from your Mac or PC. The iPad, on the other hand, isn’t getting the same treatment for a reason (via 9to5Mac). In an emailed reply

For those looking for a Blue Badge, the Twitter Verification Application Process has been restarted

After stopping the process last week, Twitter stated on Wednesday that it has started receiving user requests for profile verification. After a more than four-year hiatus, the verification application procedure was reopened on May 20. However, nearly a week after it was restarted, the micro blogging site suspended the operation. While the application process for validating profiles was put on hold, Twitter pledged to restart it soon. It did not,

WhatsApp will not restrict users' ability to use the service if they refuse to accept the new privacy policy

Following widespread criticism of its new privacy policy, WhatsApp has reversed its position. The firm previously said that customers who refuse to accept the new privacy policy will have their app’s functioning limited, however this is no longer the case. “Given recent conversations with different agencies and privacy experts,” a WhatsApp representative told ‘The Verge,” “we want to make clear that we will not limit the functionality of how WhatsApp