Cobo Launcher for Android

Cobo Launcher for Android

Launchers are the best way to create a unique outlook to your Android’s Home screen. As soon as, incredible number of launchers are reached this digitized world. Though an awesome tool, Cobo Launcher launched newly, to enhance your home screen beautiful. Officially called it as a easiest Android beautifier.

Your single tap, lead your attractive home screen in front of you. While working over the usual Android screen, you would feel the inconvenient to search for widgets, icons and more. To eliminate your inconvenience, by the easiest Android beautifier, Cobo Launcher. Now you can easily download it and install, by following the instructions. Now, a second is utterly enough to do all components of your android home screen beautifully.maxresdefault (1)

That’s why it’s stated, your single tap is enough to all. Now you can easily do what ever you want to do on your unique home screen, under widgets and icons part.To enhance your home screen outlook more gorgeous, the Cobo team released more stunning themes with amazing widgets, icons and wallpapers. Surely each theme will fit to your screen.


1. You can adjust the Grid and icon size.
2. Manage your home screen.
3. Beautiful themes equipped with awesome icons, widgets and wallpapers.
4.Swipe-able dock.
5. Compatible with all third-party widgets like Zooper, Dashclock, HDWidget etc.
6. Compatible with 50+ most popular icon packs, Belle UI (recommend), Moonshine, Voxel, Cryten, Lumos, etc.

So far more than the 10 millions of users downloaded this. These features apart, Cobo team still in developing this launcher, to support the actions like Search in drawer, Multiple app adding, Sort apps, Gesture steering, Back up and restore, Hide apps, More home screens More scrolling effects.

Change your Home screen by the new Cobo Launcher and show your uniqueness

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