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Ex Director of Freedom 251 booked for fraud

Goel was captured after Ghaziabad-based Ayam Enterprises documented a FIR on Wednesday declaring that Ringing Bells “cheated” it for 16 lakh.

Mohit Goel, previous chief of Ringing Bells, the Noida-based organization who brought world’s least expensive cell phone, Freedom 251, is currently behind the bars for claimed extortion. Goel was captured after Ghaziabad-based Ayam Enterprises documented a FIR on Wednesday attesting that Ringing Bells “duped” it for 16 lakh.

According to the FIR by Ayam Enterprises, the organization has claimed that it was convinced by Ringing Bells to take up the distributorship of the Freedom 251 cell phone in November 2015. The organization then paid Rs 30 lakh to Ringing Bells through “RTGS” on various events, however the general population behind Freedom 251 just conveyed items worth Rs 13 lakh as it were. The proprietors of Ayam Enterprises additionally assert that they were undermined with life on the off chance that they requested the rest Rs 16 lakh.

This is not the first run through, Ringing Bells is in the news. In December a year ago, Mohit Goel and his better half, Dharna Goel, had stopped their positions at Ringing Bells and shaped another organization named as MDM Electronics Private Limited, which additionally raised doubt of a conceivable trick with the Rs 251 cell phone. Beginning from the dispatch of Freedom 251, the organization has hitched into debates as it was neglected to convey the item to the clients who pre-booked the gadget.

Going to the gadget, it was at that point affirmed to be a patched up form of an Adcom gadget. Not just this, an organization named Aryan Infratech Pvt Ltd as of late documented a body of evidence against the organization relating to a check bob for an installment of about Rs 2 crores.

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