Exclusive Single: iQOO will reveal two smartphones by February’s second week

Exclusive Single: iQOO will reveal two smartphones by February's second week

The sub-brand of Vivo, iQOO, finally announced its entry into the country. Gagan Arora, Marketing Director, IQOO told the Indian Mobile company in February that the company would be launching two smartphones.

He revealed further that by the second week of February 2020, the brand plans to launch both phones. IQOO is scheduled for a smartphone 5 G and 4 G in India. He said that both devices will be provided with a similar set of design specifications and vocabulary. Gagan also stated that the price of two devices will vary, but that the 4 G equivalent is highly-priced.

The firm plans to bring the Indian industry with a flagship smartphone, which is the first Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 smartphone supplied by a device. The telephone is exclusive to the Indian market, with many of the first features of the industry. He said the next smartphone is a gaming center and one of the most important features. New battery technology is also available on the phone.

Gagan stated that iQOO would have a separate identity rather than a Vivo subbrand.  “We have our offices in Bengaluru and smartphones are being produced in India,” he said. “As far as the distribution approach is concerned, he said,” We are going to sell our goods across all networks. At first, we’re going to focus on online platforms and then we’ll switch on off-line outlets.

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