Extend The Battery Life With DU Battery Saver Android App

Extend The Battery Life With DU Battery Saver Android App

Today, the demands of smart phone users are putting a terrific amount of pressure on the manufacturers. The battery pack is the prominent component which takes ample space on a device and it is quite related to the weight of the device. In order to keep the devices lightweight and slim, the designers have started to cut down the capacity of the battery. Today, there are faster processors, hungry apps and smaller battery packs which do not keep up with the growing demand for performance. Some devices do not last even half a day. However, there are several battery backup applications that come with battery saving capacity. One such application is DU battery saver. This is an android app which lets users to save battery without slowing down the performance of applications.


Simple Download And Installation Process:

DU android app comes free and so, you can use this application as long as you want or leave it at any time when it is not in need. The installation can be done simpler and the file is less than 4MB which can be downloaded and installed within 1 or 2 minutes. Even if you are using 2G GPRS connection, it will approximately take 3 minutes to complete the installation process.

Encounter The Cause For Battery Drain:

Du android app has simple functionality which helps users to save some battery life on the devices. It also monitors your device closely and finds out which applications, functions and features are causing maximum battery drain. Once identified, the reason for battery drain is reported to the user who can optimize the device with single touch. As there is no power draining activity going on in your device, a considerable amount of battery is saved.

Simple Layout With Profile Options:

Du app is perfectly laid out with profile options which are simple to select and use. It includes predetermined custom profiles which can be used to establish the amount of battery saving that you necessitate. The profile options device how aggressively the application will be monitoring and optimizing your device for considerable battery savings.


DU app features a two toned color scheme. With a blue black combination, this app looks cool and pleasant. At the bottom of this DU app, you will come across five tabs that ensure simple and easier navigation. The first battery tab depicts the juice left besides the estimated time, temperature, voltage and capacity. Above that there is a way to optimize the usability of your device with single click. In the saver mode, you will be able to see two sub tabs such as Smart and Mode using which you will be able to create custom tweaks or use the one which is already included in the applications.



This app is available in paid version that allows you to increase the life of your device’s battery by 70%. With its simplicity, performance and usability, DU battery saver app, looted the heart of several Smartphone users. Overall, DU battery saver app has several things to do, besides enhancing the battery life of your Smartphone device.

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