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Facebook – The Largest Social Networking Site

Facebook is a social network developed by Zuckerberg, helps to connect with people and it is the largest of all social networking sites. Millions of people using Facebook everyday to be in touch with friends, families,relatives and business associates by uploading an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos and learn more and more about the people they meet.


How to use ?

To start using Facebook, you must create an account with basic information so that it creates a profile page that shows friends and web details about themselves. The option to include profile in web means everyone using Facebook can view profile. Profile contains status, information, friends, photos, notes, the wall and the groups and much more interesting thing. People can also search others by just typing e-mail address, school, university in a name or location for search.


Message or texts will reach to friends wherever they are. We can chat with them without any cost by using data plans. The message reaches to friends on mobiles and web and the most advantage is we can find who all seen message and who have not seen. To easily convey a message to all friends at a time, we can start a group conversation and share our wishes, photos, videos, stickers and even more. We can also add our friend of friends in group. If people shares anything like photos or status of personal notes, it shows us in a notification or news feed. We can look at that and comment them and also you can make fun with your friends using emoji’s or smilies.


Interesting Applications and Games :

There are several links or applications which people uses and laugh on their own and shares that to people so that they also will comment or enjoy. Apps like Most favorite crush, Love triangle, When will die are some of the funniest apps that can be used and experience. Facebook not only let you to connect with your friends and families, but also keep you interesting and fun with its fantastic games like farm heroes saga, candy crush saga, pet rescue saga, pyramids and even more games in Facebook can be find. Same time keep in mind that some games and apps only supports in web and not in mobile users.

Untag or deleting :

Folks tag you in some of the pictures necessarily or unnecessarily. If they tagged you, that photo will be automatically saved in your photos and friends of friends whoever is commenting will notify us too suddenly and quickly and if you feels like get rid of that thing, Facebook offer you the option. Here is the solution, go to your profile and then click on photos. Drag mouse to your unwanted picture and to the right corner there is an option named edit or remove, click that and then go to remove tag. It will automatically deleted from your photos. If you want to delete comments that people posted in your picture means go to that comment and click edit or delete option, It gets deleted. If u don’t like their comments and feel disrespectful you can hide their comments using an hide option.

Worrying about Privacy?

Do not worry about your privacy there are plenty of options like Who can see my stuffs and future posts? Who can contact or give friend request? Who can see your mobile numbers and so on to keep your privacy’s. Go to settings and look at the privacy option to Change to friends, friends of friends, public or only you by clicking an option Edit. If you feels like don’t want to be in touch with particular friends you can also block them and it will not notify to your friends.


Install this app and connect with people all over the world. Enjoy!!!

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