FotoSwipe- Share Photos Easily by Simple Swipe

FotoSwipe- Share Photos Easily by Simple Swipe

Sharing photos between the multiple devices, instantly is difficult. Over the market you can find aplenty of tools for this. Though these tools are works well, but instant photo sharing is still a question mark. Last year the Bump Technologies, launched a tool for this. But it fails to work across different devices and it works based of the device’s NFC.

The FotoSwipe, is the newborn baby to the photo sharing field, but it really works well pretty. Th e FotoSwipe app allow you to share photo instantly by a single swipe. It sounds good right. Yes the FotoSwipe specially launched for this, to share the photos among different devices easily and effortlessly.FotoSwipe-FILEminimizer

What is different devices? Different devices means, you can share evidence of happy moments(photos) among friends even the devices running under different OS. That’s simply you can share photos between Android and iOS. It is good to hear right. So stun your party by taking incredible number of photos and share it via FotoSwipe.

The FotoSwipe also allows you share multiple photos at the same time. To share multiple photos, it never include any other steps. Your usual single swipe is enough to do so. So share many photos often as you need. Another important feature, you don’t need any NFC matches, no need to turn on or off your Bluetooth, No Wi-Fi connection, to transfer your photos. Just a swipe will do all without any bridge between two different devices.

For example you are in a birthday party or anything, you can take more snaps and share among your friends by single swipe. You just tap and told the photos whichever you want and swipe across the device.

So download it now and share your photos instantly.FotoSwipe

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