GO Launcher EX Theme Rainbow Cube

GO Launcher EX Theme Rainbow Cube

Launchers are the right platform for the Android based smart mobiles, those who are looking for the unique way of home screen. Unlike Apple iOS, Android home screen looks same across the world only device name alone changed. To show the unique home screen developers developed these launchers. GO Launcher EX Theme rainbow cube is one of the best launchers among plenty of launchers available in the market.unnamed (3)

Over the home screen you can see the vision of a beautiful, colorful, rainbow cubes, which appears Nice, dark neon blue, violet, with a delicate band of green, fits in perfectly with yellow, red squares cube. It offers over 575 New Cube Style icons, among these, 400 will change automatically, 6 new wallpapers, and new folder interface and app drawer and more.

Features Overview:

* 600 icons in Cube Style
* Out of 600, 400 of them change automatically
* 10 different Colors of Dockbars
* 6 wallpapers
* 2 transparent and Cube App drawer Backgrounds
* New folder interface

How to install?

Over your Android mobile, search for the latest version of Go Launcher Ex, download it and install. Then Install the Theme. Go back to the GO Launcher EX, click on it and a menu opens with the option theme, choose the Cube Theme and then click apply.unnamed (2)

How to change wallpaper?

Go to Menu and then select wallpaper and then go to the wallpaper and change the icons, usually some devices not respond or not change immediately so tap and hold an app in home screen or replace theme icon and choose the icon

So download and enjoy the reflection of this cubic theme and have a stunning new style over your android phone’s home screen.

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