Google Duo Review: Skype has a serious rival.

Google Duo Review: Skype has a serious rival.

At this year’s Google I/O, Google revealed two new messaging apps: a video calling service dubbed ‘Duo’ and a daily text messenger called ‘Allo.’ The business boasted of the app’s user-friendly interface at the time of the incident. Many of us would say that Skype and Facetime are the most common video chatting apps at the moment. Duo might not be as effective as Google says, particularly now that Whatsapp is planning to incorporate video calling. Let’s take a look at the programme to see how it can compete with Skype and Facetime.

The simplicity and snappiness of Google Duo’s gui are its selling points. You can get the app from the Appstore or Playstore. The software is free and runs on both Android and iOS platforms. The first page you see as you open the app is a Terms & Conditions screen. Since Duo needs an active SIM to function, it will ask you to validate the system by entering your phone number.

In terms of other functionality, the Duo app has a neat feature called ‘Knock Knock,’ which helps the person you’re calling to see you right though they answer the phone. Knock Knock is only successful if the guy has your phone number in his contacts. On iOS, though, you must be in the app to watch other people’s videos before you can pick it up. This function can be quickly disabled in the configuration menu, and if it is enabled, you will receive a message at the top stating that your video is visible.

During our study of Google’ Duo, we discovered that the app is extremely intelligent in a variety of contexts. The software switches between better connectivity and video quality on the fly. If your internet access isn’t fast enough, the video will immediately stop, but the audio will remain crisp and sensitive. Much like every other video calling software, you can switch between cameras and silence the audio. It also instructs you to turn off the video if your battery level falls below 20%. End-to-end encryption is also included, and you can block user connections as well as unique phone numbers.

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