Google I / O 2020 will be celebrated on 12 May

Google I / O 2020 will be celebrated on 12 May

Google has named Google I / O 2020 as its flagship developer gathering. The company has shown it is hosting the event on 12 May.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai revealed on his official Twitter handle the details of the next event. The tweet reveal that Google I / O 2020 starts on the 12th of May and finishes on the 14th of May. At Shoreline Amphitheater, in Mountain View, the company will hold the meeting.

That said, one could anticipate the advancement of AI, Google Assistant and other technologies to be focused on the issue of the developer conference. During the event, the company could also present its next operating system, and the company will most likely introduce new hardware during the event. These are, indeed, only rumors and what the organization is proposing or thinking about during the Google I / O 2020 case is still not understood.

Meanwhile, after an alarming Xiaomi security camera issue Google Assistant recently blocked Xiaomi smart home devices service. When the Xiaomi security camera started to show video feeds from cameras certain users, the entire incident came to light.

A Reddit user who purchased the Xiaomi home security camera under their Mijia Brand discovered that it was a bug. The Google Nest Hub customer asked the Google Advisor to show a cameras feed. Rather than displaying the user’s camera feed, it started to show other people’s home feed. The bug allows users who connected their device to Google Assistant to snoop on Mijia camera owners all around.

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