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Google Says Will Test More Discipline Search Designs

After Google faced backlash on Twitter, it announced it would test more changes and changes to the results of its desktop search.

Last week, Google introduced a new desktop search design that adds’ favicons’ to any results that don’t fit users.

A’ favicon’ is a file that includes one or more small icons associated with the particular website or webpage and is known as a “shortcut icon,” website icon, tab icon, URL icon or bookmark icon.

Google said in a statement that it had received the users ‘ suggestions.

We’ve received the input on the upgrade. We’ve just wanted to make Search easier so we will experiment with new favicon investment,’ tweeted late Friday. “We’re looking for a new mobile device last week, and we can see it on the web.”

“While we test, some people may not be watching favicons while some people might see them in various positions when trying to bring a modern look to the desktop search,” Google added. “We are now going to test them.

It was not only SEOs and SEMs who protested browser improvements, but a broader search spectrum and Internet apps.

“We were optimistic about the early design experiments on desktops, but we appreciate the input, the confidence we have in Google, and we want to make our product more effective,” said Google.

“In addition, web publishers have told us that they want their brand images on our search results page. We experiment with a change to the current desktop favicons and will keep iterating on the design over time,” she added.

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