Google will use Samsung’s ultra-thin glass in its foldable Pixel smartphone

Google will use Samsung's ultra-thin glass in its foldable Pixel smartphone

Samsung has been making foldable screens for a few years and is one of the market leaders, having released a number of foldable gadgets. The business makes its own ultra-thin glass that is only used in its foldable, but that might change in the near future.

Samsung will offer its ultra-thin glass (UTG) to Google, according to a new claim from ET News. Google is presently building its own foldable Pixel smartphone. Samsung launched Ultra-Thin Glass in February of last year, which is the world’s first commercially available bendable glass.

 The UTG is a thin sheet of glass that goes through a procedure that gives it more flexibility and durability. Samsung Electronics is now aiming to extend its foldable phone business as it is an exclusive to the firm.

UTG might be available to other manufacturers as early as the second half of 2021. “In order to add value, it wants to provide the world’s only UTG in addition to foldable panels. By adding the UTG to foldable panels, it will be able to increase the selling price “, according to the study.

Samsung already sells a variety of hardware components to other manufacturers, including Harman Kardon speakers, AMOLED display panels, RAM, CPUs, and so on. The addition of the UTG to the list will be advantageous to the Korean smartphone manufacturer.

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