Google’s software is learning what humans look

Google’s software is learning what humans look

With the rapid advancements in technology and the growth of machine learning, it has become obvious for us to expect a boom in the AI market in recent years.  It is oblivious that machine learning is soon going to be a part of our daily lives.

Google’s Artificial Intelligence programs are making it easier to learn like a human.  Let us have a look at one of the Google’s Artificial learning company.

Google’s Artificial Intelligence

Google’s Human-like Speech Generation

One of Google’s artificial intelligence company named Deep Mind came up with a completely new concept that can generate human-like speech.  This is known as Wave Net that cannot only mimic any human speech but can also write classical music.

The text to speech process helped to achieve this functionality.  Another great facility of Wave Net is that it can listen to different kinds of voices and generate music or sound independently.  This helps it to learn or come up with music.

Google’s Duplex Software

Google has been working on software known as a duplex which is an artificial intelligence assistant that can call people and interact with them without knowing that they are speaking to a robot.

This is one of the most wonderful technologies revealed by Google.  The company also came out with other advanced technologies to upgrade the system.  There are also other AI features involved in this case.

Google’s CEO showed this during a conference where an entire booking was done by a robot without the other person having any idea about what was going on.

Google’s Artificial Intelligence

Google Photos using AI technology

Google has been using Artificial Intelligence to use enhanced features that simplify the process of editing images.  Google color pop is one such feature that facilitates image editing.

Some suggestive actions like facial recognition and other similar features are completely based on Artificial Intelligence.  Another feature involves converting an image to a pdf automatically.

Google lens

Google had announced a Google lens which is basically Google search results that makes use of Smartphone’s camera or Google search engine on steroids.

Google lens uses artificial technologies along with deep learning technologies to identify an object, understand it and then provide relevant results.

Google lens can identify a monument and then can provide all kinds of relevant details like the place and timings.  Google lens will automatically identify Wi-Fi networks and connect to them.

Google lens helps Google assistant and Google photos making them better and powerful tools.  Though it is not supportable on other devices according to Google, this feature will soon be made available to other Android devices.

Google’s Artificial Intelligence

Google Assistant

Google assistant is another feature developed by Google based on an artificial feature of Google that has made our life much easier than before.  We can easily use smartphones to do a lot of operations and that too by giving simple instructions.

Some of these instructions include making calls, texting, playing music or even opening apps.  All these can be executed just by verbal instructions.

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