How can I use Instagram’s desktop uploading feature?

How can I use Instagram's desktop uploading feature?

On Thursday, Facebook revealed that Instagram is adding a desktop publishing function, allowing users to post straight from their computers. Unfortunately, until they found a solution, Instagram users could only publish stories through their phone app.

Instagram is gradually introducing the option to publish directly from your Mac or PC. The iPad, on the other hand, isn’t getting the same treatment for a reason (via 9to5Mac). In an emailed reply to CNET, Instagram said, “We realise that many users visit Instagram from their PC.” “To improve that experience, we’re currently exploring the option for Instagram users to make a Feed post using their desktop browser.”

If your desktop has the functionality enabled, you may test it out by following the instructions below:

1. In the upper right corner, click the ‘+’ icon.

2. From the following screen, use the file selector to choose one or more photos.

3. Alternatively, you may drag and drop the required photos and movies into the picker directly from your PC’s directories.

4. After you’ve chosen your images, apply the appropriate filters, stickers, and other adjustments.

5. Finally, add the required captions, location tags, and persons tags, and upload in the same way you would from your phone.

Because the function is being rolled out in stages, you may wish to wait before trying it out. Posting from a desktop, on the other hand, will make things easier for people who use a PC every day for business and wish to make a post from the PC.

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