How Online Bill Payment Procedure Works

How Online Bill Payment Procedure Works

An online payment procedure combines transactional portal or a website and usually a bank. The process begins when the card holder enters his details after undergoing a purchase function on a particular site. The data is then encrypted on the web browser side of the cardholder and is securely transferred to the merchant’s website. During this phase, the information is sent from the server of the merchant to the payment access on a secure layer encryption that links a processor used by the acquiring back of the merchant. The processor transfers the transaction details to the credit card interchange, further routing it to the concerned bank. Apart from these steps, the remaining transaction occurs in a different time frame and it involves the release of the product and the funds transfer from the acquiring financial institution to the nominated account of the merchant.

Idea is one among the leading telecommunication companies which deal in wide array of inclusive telecom services in India, including GSM mobile, Wire line, Carrier services, along with Internet Broadband and many more. Idea is number one telecom operative system in India which provides each and every kind of facilities as well as services in all the states and regions of India. Idea bill payment services offer tariff plans which fulfill the needs of diverse customers. Idea mobile recharge developed multi-gigabit as well as multi-protocol convergent IP plan in order to provide voice, video as well as data facilities through its Broadband Access Network. Subscribers can easily do their online mobile recharge by being in their comfort zone.

In an event of internet banking, consumers are required to transfer their particular site of the bank where one is needed to submit its required banking login as well as password. When talking about credit cards, customers are required to relinquish a safe payment access where they are required to give in their credit card details. The payment procedure includes verification of transaction. In an event of debit card, a consumer is taken to a particular website of the bank where one is needed to give in debit card details such as CV number and expiration date. Idea mobiles can either be recharged by way of vouchers, top up cards as well as coupons easily. Now days, online recharge has made it convenient for the consumers to recharge their mobile phonesat the time of need when their balance gets low or is exhausted.

In earlier period, customers carried paper recharge cards and were required to enter-entire numeric series on the card. Now, the need for the same is eliminated and you need not go to an ATM for withdrawing money and then going to a coupon retailer. One can easily recharge his mobile phone online only by way of a few clicks on the internet. Simply by logging on to the internet and providing required details with some clicks and undergoing the various instructions and guidelines, one can recharge his cell phone with convenience and without much trouble. Idea recharge services offer the best recharge schemes which are designed for the purpose of meeting the needs of customers.


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