How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android phone


Android is by far the most popular mobile platform in the world. From the average user’s pocket to businesses’ offices, it’s present everywhere, which makes it a perfect target for hackers and malicious software. Backed by Google one of the world’s biggest corporations, Android is very secure. However, As secure as it is problems can occur due to many factors which range from faulty SD card and hardware to software/malware problems. hopefully, using the right tools will not only allow you to get all your files and data back but it will also allow you to back them up, thus preventing it from happening again .

Losing your data is never fun , especially now that it’s not uncommon to see phones and tablets with impressive storage capacity , which make you store more valuable data in them. Today, losing your phone or tablet data with all your pictures and files is like losing a part of your life. It’s even more frustrating in a professional environment where files, contacts, and other data can be very important. If you happen to have lost some or all of your android device data, know that it’s not irreversible,

Mobiledic Android Data Recovery is the right tool for you , it can recover lost or deleted data from Android including photos, call logs, Whatsapp conversations, documents, messages, video or audio files, and much more. Android Data Recovery is a desktop app that you can download and install on both Windows and Mac OS . It supports multiple android device brands, among which all the most popular ones like : HTC, Sony, Samsung, Google, LG, and others , with android versions as old as 2.1 and as new as 7.0 . The app allows you to recover your lost data from both your device internal memory and your SD card, it can even recover your lost contacts, messages, along with any lost information from your SIM card .


When it comes to resources, the app doesn’t require much to run , it requires as little as 1 GHz of CPU frequency and 1 GB of RAM , in other words : it can run very well even on older computers with few resources and still get the job done with speed and reliability. Moreover, Not only does the app get you your content back , but it can also be used to either transfer or backup your device data to your computer .


In deed , Android Data Recovery can also help you avoid losing your data again by backing them up for you in a previewable backup , in fact it is even advised to backup your content as often as possible , because you never know when it could get corrupted or missing .

Mobiledic Android Photos Recovery is a real Swiss Army Knife, it’s main feature is to recover any lost or deleted files in a large variety of android devices fast and reliably , it can also backup any android device data to help prevent any data loss in the future, a feature which in a professional environment can save money and a lot of trouble . So basically this is the only tool you need to make sure your data is always safe .


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