In a police raid in Spain, 3D-printed weapons like an assault rifle and a machete were discovered

The arsenal confiscated from a Spanish factory discovered to be manufacturing 3D-printed guns included a fake assault rifle, small arms, multiple pistol barrels, two tasers, and a machete, police said on Sunday.

Officers searched an illicit arms factory in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain’s Canary Islands, and arrested the maker, who faces charges of illegal weapon and explosives possession.

According to Spain’s National Police, the first such factory discovered in the country had operational 3D-printing machines capable of producing gun barrels in under two minutes.

There were also manuals on sabotage, urban guerilla tactics, and how to make bombs at home with a 3D printer, as well as white nationalist literature and a gun holster with the German army’s emblem from WWII.

Chemical compounds that could be used to produce bombs were sniffed out by a specialised team of dogs from the police’s TEDAX bomb squad, according to the release.

Nine ammunition magazines, two silencers, two gun barrel components, and a plastic mould for making triggers, sights, and other small arms parts were also discovered.

The activity occurred on September 14 of last year but was kept secret by a magistrate, as is customary in Spain, until police were given permission to reveal information on Sunday.

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