In India, Airtel and Intel have partnered to provide 5G services

In India, Airtel and Intel have partnered to provide 5G services

Bharti Airtel and Intel have established a partnership to create 5G networks using vRAN and O-RAN technology.

The partnership is part of Airtel’s 5G strategy for India, which will see the company upgrade its networks to allow consumers to take advantage of the full potential of the hyperconnected world, from Industry 4.0 to cloud gaming and virtual / augmented reality becoming commonplace.

According to Airtel, the firm is showing 5G on a live network and performing 5G testing in major cities.

Airtel plans to use Intel’s newest 3rd generation Xeon Scalable CPUs, FPGAs, and eASICs. They will also employ Ethernet 800 series across their network to provide a solid basis for large-scale 5G deployment.

Airtel and Intel will collaborate closely as members of the O-RAN Alliance to create a variety of Make in India 5G technologies. Through local partners, the alliance will allow world-class communications infrastructure in India. In the next years, the open radio access network (O-RAN) will be a hotbed of innovation and invention.

Intel FlexRAN, a standard architecture with both software and hardware components, will be used in these O-RAN platforms. It will make it possible to operate software-based radio base stations on general-purpose computers at the network’s edge.

“Airtel is thrilled to have Intel as a part of its fast expanding partner ecosystem for 5G,” said Randeep Sekhon, CTO – Bharti Airtel, in a statement. Airtel’s objective of providing India with world-class 5G services would benefit greatly from Intel’s cutting-edge technology and experience. We are also excited to collaborate with Intel and Indian enterprises to realise India’s potential as a global 5G hub.”

 “Being able to digitally power the dynamic population of India’s connected consumers requires scalable and flexible networks that can develop to answer the rising expectations of its users,” said Dan Rodriguez, Intel corporate vice president, Network Platforms Group.

“Airtel is delivering their next-generation enhanced network with a breadth of Intel technology, including Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and FlexRAN software to optimise RAN workloads with embedded intelligence, scale their infrastructure, and deliver on the promise of a connected India,” he continued.

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