Instagram Has Launched The Live Rooms Feature

Instagram Has Launched The Live Rooms Feature

Instagram has launched Live Rooms, which allows you to go live on the platform with up to four other users. The social media service formerly only allowed you to go live with one other user in a feed, but it now allows you to “double-up” on your live broadcast.

According to Instagram, the Live Rooms feature will allow you more artistic choices, such as launching a talk show, hosting a jam session or co-creating with other artists, hosting more entertaining Q&As or tutorials with your fans, or just hanging out with more friends.

Live Rooms also gives creators more opportunities to develop their businesses and make profits. Instagram recently revealed that Live audiences could express their appreciation for their favorite creators by buying badges for them. Viewers can purchase passes for the hosts and use other immersive services such as Shopping and Live Fundraisers in Live Rooms.

Instagram says it’s still looking at incorporating more immersive tools, such as moderator buttons and audio features, which could be available in the coming months.

People who are blocked by all of the active members in the Live Room will not be allowed to access the Live, according to Instagram. Guests whose live access has been removed due to violations of the Group Rules will now be unable to enter a Live Space.

Live Room hosts would have access to the same features as Live hosts have, such as the ability to report and block comments and apply message filters.

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