Instagram’s ‘Story Drafts’ functionality will be available shortly

Instagram's 'Story Drafts' functionality will be available shortly

Instagram is rumoured to be working on a new update that will allow users to save unfinished stories to draughts and then publish them later. Instagram has announced that the feature is in development, and we might even have a sneak preview of what it will look like when it is released.

“Something new is coming, soon you’ll be able to finish what you began with storey draughts,” Instagram said in a tweet. However, there was no update from the brand about the feature’s launch date.

However, thanks to tipper Alessandro Paluzzi, we now have a few screenshots of the pop-up asking if the user wants to save the story as a draught. If you leave Instagram when making a story, the app will ask you to either delete the story or ‘Keep’ it in your gallery so you can share it later.

The first option’s purpose would remain the same, allowing users to discard the story and begin a new one. However, this would also remove all of your story edits. The second, and brand-new, alternative is called ‘Save Draft,’ and it allows users to save their story edits in draughts, similar to how you would already save incomplete posts in draughts. ‘Cancel’ is the third choice, which will return you to the story editing list.

According to Instagram’s Head of Product, Adam Mosseri, who also tweeted that the story draughts feature is “coming soon,” this is a much-requested feature by Instagram users.

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