Jio and ‘Fireworks’ have teamed up to bring short-video stories to the KaiOS website.

Jio and 'Fireworks' have teamed up to bring short-video stories to the KaiOS website.

Reliance Jio has collaborated with Fireworks, a short video network located in Silicon Valley. The two companies announced their collaboration on Tuesday, with the aim of providing vertical video “stories” to India’s over 100 million KaiOS users.

Jio has welcomed Firework’s “stories” and made it available to KaiOS users via the Jio Developers Growth pad, essentially making Firework a native app on all Jio KaiOS tablets. Fireworks have now been integrated into the Jio Browser, where users can view them under the “Discover” tab.

In a tweet, Sunil Nair, CEO of Firework India, said, “KaiOS opens newer viewers to the short video genre, and with Firework’s emphasis on high quality short video stories in multiple Indian languages, this partnership shows tremendous promise with already noticeable traction.”

Since its launch in India in 2019, Firework has expanded rapidly. Its software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology allows companies and networks to adopt the “Stories” model, which was previously only available in the smartphone ecosystem.

The “Stories” short video format is now accessible on every site, be it an app or the open web, thanks to Firework’s quick incorporation. Some of India’s most well-known publishers now use the app to easily plug in and send millions of brief video clips to their customers.

Content from Firework’s vast vault of thrilling snackable content would reach an audience on Jio’s network of mobile devices and applications as part of the Firework-Jio partnership.

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