Make the switch to Galaxy and visit Samsung.

Make  the switch to Galaxy and visit Samsung.

Easy transfer from old phone to Galaxy

Samsung Smart Switch makes it easier to transfer data from your old phone to your new Galaxy. You won’t forget to transfer anything. Samsung Smart Switch will transfer everything from music to apps and even settings.

Transfer your way

Transfer via USB cable, computer or wifi — your choice. Now things got easy for you.If opt to transfer wirelessly you’ll need to download the app from Google Play Store.Whereas if you prefer using your computer you’ll need to download Samsung Smart Switch App.

Quick 1-2-3  steps to transfer

Transferring all your data using Samsung Smart Switch is quick and painless. In three easy steps, you’ll make the official switch. First connect both devices using USB cable from old and new phone. Now you can check the apps and anything else you want to transfer. You’re ready to pick up where you left off in your old phone.

Ready to make the switch? Your Galaxy  8 is waiting for you. Consider an amazing  Samsung smartphone and pick a Galaxy 8S or Galaxy 8S+.

Why Galaxy?

For starters, it has a slim profile and curved design for easy handling. Highlights: a bigger and colorful infinity screen and sharper camera. Now you can see more details of what you are viewing.Galaxy S8 lets you do more. The infinity screen has space to fit two apps so you can multitask.

Edge to edge infinity screen

Don’t limit your world and experience an expandable and larger infinity screen. The 6.2” screen expands from edge to edge for an engaging experience. Now you can watch your favorite Netflix shows or YouTube videos the way they were meant to be seen.  Quad HD+ Super AMOLED displays them in full detail. This innovative screen places Samsung on top of the competition.

Camera that  wows

A show stopping camera. Get ready to capture the best images of your life no matter the lighting in the surroundings or motion being performed. Galaxy S8’s rear camera has bright F1.7 lenses and large 1.4 pixels to bring out the brightness.

Take great selfies and make your friends jealous. The front camera has smart auto defocus to get everyone in the selfie.  Galaxy S8 takes multiple shots of your picture for clear and high-quality images.

Galaxy S8 makes it easy to take pictures like a professional photographer. All you need to do is adjust one of the six camera settings.

Bixby helps you understand what you are looking on the screen and provides useful information.

Are you ready for Galaxy S8 yet? Compare models to get the phone that works for you.

Accessorize your Galaxy

Get more of your Galaxy S8 and look for accessories. Keep your new phone looking flawless and scratch-free and pick up a screen cover. Check out VR gear and Bluetooth devices to pair your phone and play games or enjoy music.

Make the switch to Samsung and get ahead of the crowd with a Galaxy S8.

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