MobiKwik partner Google introduces search for mobile charges in India

MobiKwik partner Google introduces search for mobile charges in India

A new Mobile Recharge Search for India, with MobiKwik as one of its local partners, has been recently introduced by Google. MobiKwik guarantees an easier and quicker online recharge for Indian users with this association.

You can now easily look for MobiKwik mobile prepayments from Google Search, compare them and recharge them. Simply search Google Search for “prepaid mobile reload” and you’ll find options to reload your mobile number.

You will see prepaid mobile plans available, including offers from MobiKwik and other payment services once you fill out your mobile number and your mobile providers. Google Search offers your mobile phone to reload for signed users on the Google Search app, desktop, and mobile devices.

India is the 97% mobile prepaid market — a billion Indians like to pay while they go— buying minutes for conversation or data packs twice a month at least. In all cases, therefore, Indians were looking for the best-prepaid charge and now, the Mobile Recharge search experience allows users to do so in a more structured way and to forward them for the best recharge plans to Mobikwik. Working with Google adds momentum to MobiKwik, which makes it easier for Indian people to use this case of payment in their daily lives.

The first use case of MobiKwik Recharge we started at the start of 2009 was MobiKwik Wallet. “To build affordable and accessible financial services for a billion Indians,” said Upasana Taku, Co-Founder, MobiKwik. The simplification of the case for recharging complies with our mission.

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