Moment App helps you to stop the over usage of smart-mobiles

Moment App helps you to stop the over usage of smart-mobiles

The present trend have been changing a lot then a decade as the people can live without basics but not smart mobiles. Over usage of smart mobile is now turned as a gateway of much problems especially youngsters. This better way for bridging between the relationship even though far away now faded with other activities. Over usage of mobile is also cause a problems to every one’s brain, nerve system and more. Now the intention of people is to reduce the usage of mobile phones. If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to limit your mobile usage, the Moment app will help you.

Previous version of the Moment app focused on alerting smartphone owners to how much time they’ve spent staring at their phone. The Moment app is designed well with interesting features, great tool for those who are in need of limiting their smartphone usage, which was developed by Kevin Holesh. Now its recent update allow each user to track the mobile usage of family members. Let’s see how it worksMoment_-_Track_where_you_go_tfksp6

How it works?

Download the Moment app and install it. Once you installed this app on your mobile, which allow you to access the primary settings. Now you can easily track how often users checked their phone throughout the day. The new updated version of Moment app has much features that supports families more. One of the most important feature is the dinner time mode. With the help of this mode you can easily trace out who are all using mobile even in dinner. For this it creates a alarm, if any one try to use their mobile even under the table Moment is here will let you know by everyone. So no more texting under the table while in a dinner.

Parents wondering How useful it is, now all the parents would be free enough and don’t need to worry about their kids over usage of mobiles. It is really best app for smart mobiles.

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