Netflix is adding long-term Indian subscription plans

Netflix is adding long-term Indian subscription plans

Now in Asia, Netflix is testing new long-term subscription plans. The firm has recently begun providing subscription plans for its customers in the country for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

A Twitter user shared the long-term strategy screenshot. The screenshot shows that up to 50% off long-term subscription plans are also offered by the firm. Of particular importance, the long-term contracts are based on the Premium plan costing Rs 799.

Originally, consumers may choose a 3-month package, but the company offers a 20 percent reduction which reduces its price to Rs 1.919, with a selling level of Rs 2,397. The next six months ‘ plan includes a reduced Rs 3.359 quality after a 30 percent discount. The discount cost Rs 4,794 in the 3-month contract. The 12-month plan also includes a 50% reduction and a limited offer can opt for Rs 4,799.

Throughout India, the entertainment company has previously tested a referral program that will compensate existing users any time a new customer is introduced to Netflix.

The organization is exploring an ability to link existing Netflix subscribers to the streaming service while introducing friends and family to it. On referral, as mentioned on the Company’s microsite, new subscribers will be able to obtain free access to Netflix for a month.

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