New Features to Expect From Twitter

New Features to Expect From Twitter

People from all over the world started to use Twitter for their regular update of live events, interest of their choice or to get connect with the friends. In recent times, its been a often talk that the twitter is not improving the design and the funtionalities of its service fast enough. So, the twitter has decided to launch few best updates in terms of new features and products, which can be expected in upcoming few months.

New features for verified users

To improve the twitter experience, it has been updated with the notification filtering, which in turn enable you to manage the large number of conversations at the time. The verified users are offered with three options such as all, filtered and verified so that they can access the related list whatever they want easily and quickly. If the verified user are selecting Filtered option, then they are displayed with the list based on the algorithm and if they select Verified option, they will be displayed with few options from other verified accounts.

In addition, the twitter is rolled out two important features to verified users on the Twitter mobile that definitely play a major role among the other features and enable them to connect with other people much easier. The first feature is the verified user will get alert when another verified user follows them on both the Android and iPhone apps and the also they are given the option to view their verified followers from their own profile on Twitter for iOS.


New apps

Twitter users can expect the update in terms of apps as the Twitter will invest in new apps to enable the users to share short video clips said by Chief Executive Dick Costolo. This would definitely be the great update if they implement it and also Twitter user will find  and enjoy even more interesting features as well.

Private Messaging

Though, Twitter offers well facilitate public messaging feature to the user, it has now stepped in to the private messaging side. This idea of private messages will let the user to send messages and photos to the other user who follow them on twitter. As we all know that the private messaging is completely captivated by Facebook, WhatsApp, Hike and other apps, still Twitter hope to change the usual pattern of chatting and working on it to make much easier in the future.



The most common complaints that Twitter face from its user is that they are not getting to know the good tweets if they are in offline. To overcome this issue, Twitter is featured with the option called while you were away, which is designed in such a manner that it will display the relevent tweets, which might have been missed based on who you follow and what content you generally are interested in.

Twitter is also expected for few more interesting updates such as Instant timeline and Location and some other, which makes the user to await for it.

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