Nokia’s New Z Launcher

Nokia’s New Z Launcher

Launchers are the real android partner, make the home screen different not common as other, unlike iPhone, android having the capacity to change its home page as per on launcher without involving any permanent chances on to your mobile. So far many launchers reached the market and also changed many android users home screen and included many smart access to your apps.Nokia-Z-Launcher

Some launchers really follow you over time, and offer a app based on your location, time, frequent use. Few smart Launchers really the change the way of your mobile usage, here Nokia launched a brand new launcher in the name of Nokia Z Launcher. Let’s see what it does and how?

Nokia Z Launcher adapt your thinking and launches everything in a second what you need by scribbling letter of corresponding apps. If you want to open your Facebook account just draw or scribble f on the screen, it will navigate you as you want. It sounds great right! A scribble navigate you.

Z Launcher is a learn it always learn regards, how you use your mobile throughout the day and it will start work as per your routine. It will offer apps, contacts and websites based on your location, time and more. So use it more and it gets more for you.zlauncher-sg-1

Usually working people start access their Facebook, twitter, what’sup and more on in evening, when they return from working place, so your Z Launcher adapt your routine work and opens the apps, websites and contacts for you, on the same time and location. The Z Launcher would be simple, efficient and works like a personal assistant.

The Nokia’s brand new Z Launcher really works well over many smart Launchers in the market. Let’s try it out on your android device to experience more.


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