Nova Launcher for Android

Nova Launcher for Android

Make your Android screen unique with the launchers, especially the great Nova launcher is the recently launched launcher for Android home screen. It is powerful and customizable launcher for your Android mobile. Nova launcher allows your usual Android home screen with unique themes, colors, layouts, animations and more.maxresdefault

It offers much awesome features such as,

• Color Theme – it allow you to set the color for the launcher and also color for individual labels, folders, unread count badges, drawer tabs and more.
• Icon Themes – Over the Play Store you can find the thousands of icon themes for Nova Launcher such as Sphere Theme HD, Puntada Theme Free, Legacy Neon Theme, Colors Reborn Theme, Touch Theme, LC Purple Theme Apex-Go-Nova and Coconut Theme.colorcircle
• Subgrid positioning – Nova Launcher Orange_ICSallows you to snap icons or widgets half way through the desktop grid cells
• Customize App Drawer – Custom tabs, Vertical or Horizontal scrolling, custom effects
• Infinite scroll – Each and every page is your choice so scroll easily even if you have infinite pages.
• Backup/Restore – it allowing you to backup your desktop items easily without any difficulties.
• Scrollable Dock – Create multiple docks and scroll between them
• Widgets in dock – Place any widget in your dock.
• Fast – Nova Launcher is fast as you know, because it allow you to do all, by the fast move of your fingers an d allow you to feel the sophistication of it.

What Nova Launcher does for its Prime user?

If you are a prime user the following things is available for you.
• Gestures – Now open apps and all on your home screen it simple with the gestures like swipe, pinch, double tap and more.
• Unread Counts – Get the Unread count badges for Hangouts, SMS, Gmail and more, so you never have a chance to miss a message.
• Custom Drawer Groups – Create new tabs or folders in the app drawer.
• More scroll effects – Such as Wipe, Accordion, and Throw.

So why you are waiting, download it now and feel the difference over your android screen.

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