Prefect iOS Task Manager-Taasky

Prefect iOS Task Manager-Taasky

Looking for a prefect task manager on your iOS platform? Nice app Taasky is here for people who want to schedule their task regularly. The Taasky app is simple and easy to use, significantly developed app for the iOS users. Taasky creates a friendly nature among the users with very beautiful UI, animations, Gestures, unique features and visually appealing design.Taasky_01

Highlighted Features:

1. Focus on priority task:

Human can focus, only one thing among the cluster at a time. This is the universal truth and a scientific fact too, that’s why, Taasky highlighted a concept, priority among all task by Focus on priority feature.

2. Get rid from confusion:

Usually filtering is the nice concept, to opt the right one easily; similarly the Taasky offers categories which can filter your tasks in a very simple manner. It is better but how it avoids chaos? To attain this, Taasky coded own color for every category.

3. Award-winning design:

Taasky proud to introduce, your better task manager along with the Award-winning design, which supports user friendly UI, fast control, ease of use, completely revamped effects and more.


Taasky requires iOS 6.1 version OS or higher version of iOS, which is Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and Available under iTunes.

How to use:

Over the Taasky screen, find the plus sign at the top-right menu; just tap over it to add a task, now your text field will appear, type your task name and assign a date and time for this particular task. There are four default color-coded lists to file tasks in: home, work, friends, shopping list. You can also create your own custom lists. Add a star to show the priority task among the list. You can enable iCloud synchronization to sync your entire tasks between Mac and iPhone and even you can share your task among your friends through Twitter, Facebook, AirDrop, Messages, Email or Reading List.Taasky_02

Taasky, really a better task manager, makes your task easy and on time.


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