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PUBG Mobile collaborates with BAPE for exclusive in-game outfits

Excellent news for PUBG addicts who are also fashion enthusiasts, at least as far as their in-game avatars are concerned! PUBG and BAPE or A Breathing Ape, the popular fashion apparel brand from Japan, have decided to collaborate and provide outfits and accessories in PUBG mobile.

There will now be a BAPE crate in PUBG containing some of their most popular items like shark hoodie and shorts along with gun, shoes and frying pan. That accessories list is a little strange but then all is fair and square in the world of PUBG. Similar to the other crates, PUBG will also be giving users other random items from the list. This new offer by PUBG and BAPE is expected to take the world of PUBG fans by a storm.

PUBG and Bape are also holding two contests together. Users are invited to post the screenshots of their characters looking smart and snazzy in the PUBG outfits on social media with the hashtag #pubgmobileoutfit. Some lucky winners will provide a full in a game outfit by BAPE. The other contest encourages PUBG lovers to post similar screenshots with the hashtag #pubgmobileexbape. Both these contests are open till October 15.

All this exciting news featuring PUBG and BAPE has been provided by Transcend games in a new update for iOS and Android devices. These new 0.8.5 update is available for all users across the globe. It also contains some other minor modifications to the game. Reports have it that the new update has also introduced enhanced sign in rewards and outfit exclusive motes. These new modifications also allow users to choose six teammates, making PUBG much more fun. However, all this is minor news and it is the availability of BAPE in-game outfits on PUBG which has caught the attention of the users worldwide.

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