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RS186, Rs 187 and other prepayments BSNL decreases their validity.

The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) State-run telecommunications company has reduced the validity in Kerala of several prepayment plans. Included in the updated packages were prepaid Rs 186, Rs 187, Rs 153, Rs 118 etc. All of these proposals have now been revised with less credibility.

This provides advantages in Kerala for only 21 days, says Telecom Talk. Beginning with the Rs 118 prepaid scheme. The Rs 118 package is valid for 28 days in other circles and provides 0,5 GB daily data, 250 minutes mobile call and 100 SMS weekly.

In Kerala, the prepaid plans for BSNL Rs 186 and Rs 187 now have 24 days validity. In other areas, though, the same policy works for 28 days. We gain from 3 GB of data per day, a 250 minute duration and 100 SMS per day free voice call.

The project RS 153 now has a validity in the Kerala region of 21 days compared with its previous validity of 28 days. The system provides 1,5 GB of data monthly, free network calls, and 100 SMS weekly.

Rs 29 and Rs 47 Prepaid Plans have recently been revised by BSNL. Some of the prepaid plans have also been removed from the company by Rs 7, Rs 9 and Rs 192.

BSNL Rs 29 is now available for seven to five days, with increasing validity. The pack contains 1 GB of data and 300 SMS, free calls. The Rs 47, pack currently provides 7 days of validity, as compared to the 9 days previously offered. For the whole validity duration, the bundle includes free voice call and 1 GB of data.

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