Samsung Galaxy S10 Subsequent Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S20, not Galaxy S11

Samsung Galaxy S10 Subsequent Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S20, not Galaxy S11

There is something else that could be named Samsung Galaxy S11, next year’s flagship product. Tipster now says that Samsung can name its next Galaxy S series flagship S S20, not Samsung Galaxy S11. This has been achieved by many businesses and Samsung is aiming for the same trend. The Honor 20 was released by Huawei as the Honor 10 Successor, and Huawei P10 was the Huawei P20 Successor. Samsung also appears to bring Samsung’s Galaxy S20 as the Samsung Galaxy S10’s successor.

Tipsters Ice Universe and MMDJ¬† both shared Samsung’s Galaxy S20 will launch next year, not the previously reported Galaxy S11. Once real, the Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20+, and Samsung Galaxy S20e phones will be unveiled in a few months ‘ time, it said. It takes positioning together well in 2020. But in 2021, if Samsung will pursue Huawei’s route, the Samsung Galaxy S30 will launch and not the Samsung Galaxy S21 will launch.

When Samsung will take the jump, then it should still suit the predecessor’s huge improvements. Nonetheless, this has yet been verified and Samsung has yet to reveal that. In February of the next-generation Galaxy S Series, the company is expected to hold an unpacked gathering. In fact, the Galaxy Note series can also see the numerical leap if those rumors are valid, and the closest Galaxy Note phone can also be called Galaxy Note 20. For the two movies, Samsung wants to retain standard numbers.

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