Samsung has announced the launch of 4K and 8K neo QLED TVs in India, with prices beginning at Rs 99,990

Samsung has announced the launch of 4K and 8K neo QLED TVs in India, with prices beginning at Rs 99,990

Samsung’s ultra-premium Neo QLED TV line has been introduced in India, with prices beginning at Rs 99,990. For a cinematic viewing experience, the latest line features a virtually bezel-less Infinity One Design and true-to-life image quality.

Samsung’s latest Neo QLED 8K TVs will be available in two sizes: 75-inch and 65-inch QN800A and 85-inch QN900A.

The Neo QLED 4K TV line-up for 2021 will include two models: the QN85A, which will be available in 75-inch, 65-inch, and 55-inch sizes, and the QN90A, which will be available in 85-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch, and 50-inch sizes.

The Neo QLED TV range will be available at all Samsung department retailers, leading consumer electronics stores, and online outlets, including Samsung’s official online store Samsung Shop, starting at Rs 99,990.

Customers who pre-order choose Neo QLED TVs will get a free Galaxy Tab S7+ or Galaxy Tab S6 Lite LTE, up to Rs 20,000 in cashback, and EMIs beginning at Rs 1,990 from April 15 to 18, 2021, exclusively through Samsung’s official online store Samsung Shop.

The same pre-book sales will be available on Flipkart, Amazon, and other major consumer electronics stores from April 19 to 30, 2021.

Samsung’s patented Neo Quantum Processor with improved upscaling capability is included with Neo QLED TVs. The Neo Quantum Processor can maximise picture quality to 4K and 8K picture output regardless of input quality by using up to 16 different neural network models, each trained in AI upscaling and deep learning technologies.

With its Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ feature for an interactive ultra-wide gaming experience, the 2021 Neo QLED TV line-up was planned with gaming in mind. Gamers will now enjoy a Super Ultra-Wide Game View and Game Bar when playing PC and console games. The 2021 Neo QLED TV models feature Auto Low Latency Mode, which ensures a smooth gameplay experience free of tearing and stuttering. They now have a new Game Bar that helps gamers to quickly change the aspect ratio of the screen, check input lag, add wireless headsets, and more.

Several premium, room-filling audio capabilities are now included in the updated lineup – The dynamic sound of Object Tracking Sound Pro correlates to the movement of objects on video, while SpaceFit Sound analyses the spatial atmosphere of the mounted TV and delivers immersive sound suited to your space.

The new line-up will include the Samsung TV Plus channel, which was recently introduced in India and provides customers with immediate access to entertaining content across genres such as news, lifestyle, technology, games, and research, sports and outdoors, music, videos, and binge-able shows, all without the need for a subscription or a separate gadget such as a set-top box.

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