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Set-top box Tata Sky HD is cut prices in India

The HD set-top box in India has been distributed by Tata Sky. The company has disclosed a price reduction of Rs 1,000 in its national set-top-box.

It lists the HD set-top box for Rs 1,399 on the official website of Tata Sky. Ironically, all SD and HD set-top boxes now have the same quality as the price cut. Previously, the SD and HD Set-Top boxes prices were higher.

The price of the SD-top box was now up to Rs300, while the price of the HD-top box was up from Rs200. After the price check, Tata Sky also sells an SD set-top box for Rs 1,399 and an HD set-top box for Rs 1,499 is currently available. The new set-top box prices of Tata Sky are shown on the website.

Meanwhile, Tata Sky Binge+ Android TV set-top-box in India has been announced for Rs 5,999. Apart from the Tata Sky HD set-top box and Tata Sky HD set-top box + recorder, the new Tata Sky Binge+ Android TV set-top box is now on the company website. The set-top box operates with Google Assistant voice search, is powered by Android TV.

Consumers would have to pay Rs 249 per month after the free trial period. The Tata Sky Binge+ setup system allows customers to display all live TV and OTT programming on one platform. Connect the box to the internet to view the OTT content.

The 2 GB RAM and 8 GB internal storage is included in the STB. Android TV is running the latest 9.0 Pie. The Google Play Store enables users to download over 5000 apps and games. A Google assist Button is also available for voice control in the Tat Sky Binge+ set-top box. A Catchup feature allows consumers to access content over the past seven days.

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