Share Your Photos Easily with Lightbox Android Photo App

Share Your Photos Easily with Lightbox Android Photo App

Good and happy news for you all! Stop wondering…. The popular Facebook has bought Lightbox, a strong featured photo sharing app aimed at Android users that has been built recently for $1bn. Lightbox has recently made it clear and crystal that Facebook just bought the developer team of the Lightbox not the company.


Lightbox is an interesting camera replacement and social photo browser app that automatically syncs all of your favorite pictures to your account. The app also let you to make your photos for public view on your app photo wall as well if you wish.. The most interesting part about its clear design is that once you download and install the app, you will be getting two options such as Camera by Lightbox and Lightbox Photos. Dont get confused… These options are two different entries to the Lightbox, which one option take you directly through to the photo browser and other brings the camera. These two essential option for the user make them feel pretty convenient to share your photos all over the world easily. This app enable you to work simply and fits at its best on the functionalities in between taking a snap and sharing it online, let you to edit and choose where you want to show off your latest masterpiece. The most attractive thing in this app is that it offer you to get a free photoblog that shares all your pictures elegantly. The app is dotted with various features that includes basic editing tools and other filters to enhance the look of your favorite photos.


What makes the Lightbox special is that once you install the app, you are asked to sign up for an Lightbox account and then you can connect this to various social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and some other at present. Connect with various social media to post your photos and also follow your friends pictures easily. The important thing to note is that you can enjoy and experience all these things completely for free.

However, the Lightbox Photos allows you to capture the snap, enhance with its available setting, and even share your captured moments with the world. You can even toggle the privacy settings between private, sharing them with only a few friends, or even sharing your pictures with the entire Lightbox community that makes the user to have a control on who is seeing what. Every photo you take with Lightbox Photos is automatically uploaded to for safe storage, so that you dont need to worry about lossign the photos. If you have an account at, you can get all of your photos whenever you need.

Overall, this is the great app that fits best for those who is fond of taking pictures and interested in sharing with others.

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