Due to performance difficulties, the Google Chrome OS upgrade has been halted

The Chrome OS upgrade was released by Google towards the end of June. However, the firm has rolled back the newest Google Chrome OS upgrade a few days after it was released. After the upgrade, Chromebook users noticed a number of issues. Users reported performance difficulties on their computers after applying this update. Users were also unable to access Linux containers, which allow the installation of Linux programmes, until Google

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go features a 14-inch display and is powered by an Intel Jasper Lake processor

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go has been quietly labelled as the company’s latest Chromebook product for the general public. The latest model includes up to 8GB of RAM and Intel’s Jasper Lake CPUs. The Galaxy Chromebook Go also comes with up to 128GB of extendable eMMC storage. The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go, like several other Chromebooks in its class, has an LTE connection option. There are two USB Type-C ports