Google Map

With a slew of new features, Google Maps Compass is back on Android.

The Compass functionality in Google Maps is being reintroduced for Android users. The function was initially discontinued in 2019 due to compatibility problems, but it has now been reinstated as a result of customer reviews. The Compass functionality in Google Maps for iOS, on the other hand, has not been disabled and will continue to be accessible in the future. The compass can be used in two ways: as a

Along with other new features, Google Maps adds a new road-editing method.

Google Maps has a new function that allows users to connect non-existent roads to their maps. Have you ever come across a path that isn’t marked on Google Maps? You may have seen many of them, and Google is now allowing users to add certain roads to Google maps using the desktop road-editing app. “With a modern, interactive desktop road editing app, we’ve made it easier for you to report