Podcasts are now available on Amazon Prime Music in India

Podcasts are now available on Amazon Prime Music in India. The Amazon Prime Music podcast channel will feature a curated series of shows from well-known producers such as Jay Shetty, Cyrus Broacha, Neil Bhatt, Robin Sharma, Sadhguru, and Anupam Gupta, among others. It will also feature international Amazon Originals created specifically for Amazon Prime Music subscribers. These originals will be available in a variety of languages and will cover topics

Facebook is pushing record labels to let you soundtrack your videos

In what manner can Facebook and Instagram make their novice recordings more intriguing than those you see on Twitter or Snapchat? An executioner soundtrack. That is the reason Facebook is currently squeezing record names much harder for a permitting bargain. Fruitful arrangements could permit clients to either alter mainstream music into their manifestations or record cuts with prominent music out of sight without their recordings getting brought down for copyright