Netflix is restricting password sharing and introducing a new Rs 299 Mobile+ package.

Netflix is experimenting with a new method of preventing users from exchanging their passwords with family and friends. Netflix is considering prohibiting users from sharing their Netflix account passwords with their friends and relatives in the future. A small number of Netflix subscribers have begun receiving a message asking them to confirm that they reside with the account owner by entering information from a text message or email sent to

Netflix is adding long-term Indian subscription plans

Now in Asia, Netflix is testing new long-term subscription plans. The firm has recently begun providing subscription plans for its customers in the country for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. A Twitter user shared the long-term strategy screenshot. The screenshot shows that up to 50% off long-term subscription plans are also offered by the firm. Of particular importance, the long-term contracts are based on the Premium plan costing