In a landmark EU court decision, YouTube prevails in a copyright dispute with users

After Europe’s highest court ruled that internet platforms are not responsible for users uploading unlawful works unless the platforms failed to take prompt steps to delete or prevent access to the content, Google’s YouTube won its latest copyright-infringement case. The lawsuit is the latest twist in a long-running dispute between Europe’s $1 trillion (approximately Rs. crores) creative sector and internet platforms, with the former demanding restitution for illegally posted

Users Can Browse Videos in Their Own Language Using YouTube's Automatic Translation Feature: Prepare a report

According to a survey, YouTube will soon make it easier for users to browse videos by automatically translating video titles, descriptions, and captions into their native language. Google’s own Translate software powers the latest update on the popular video-sharing site. The function, which appears to have been unlocked by a server-side update, has reportedly been discovered by a few users. It is estimated that more people will be able to

YouTube presents new instruments in order to support creators with claims concerning copyright

YouTube has updated its Studio Dashboard to make matters easier for copyright creators to see which videos contain copyrighted material and to have the option to delete the offending sections quickly. A new column named “Restrictions” is introduced in the videos category, making developers easy to see which uploads are impacted. Information such as which portions of the video includes the infringing material, who made the allegation and who controls