Telegram’s WebZ and WebK web apps also have animated stickers and a dark mode

Telegram's WebZ and WebK web apps also have animated stickers and a dark mode

The Telegram WebZ and WebK Web apps have been released, with nearly identical features but minor design variations. Telegram claims to believe in internal rivalry, which is why two separate versions of its Web app have been released. According to the brand, both of the new applications run equally well on mobile and desktop computers. These applications have a sleek design and have graphics, dark mode, and stickers.

Telegram WebZ and Telegram WebK are now listed on the company’s website under the “Web Apps” subhead. You must have the Telegram web app enabled on your device in order to access these applications. You’ll get a message with the code in the Telegram smartphone app after you enter your phone number to log into each of these applications. The other choice is to log in by checking the QR file, similar to how WhatsApp does it. DroidMaze was the first to notice the apps.

Animated stickers, dark mode, message directories, and other features are included in both games. Version Z and Version K, according to Telegram, have significant features that are not yet supported or completely implemented, but users are encouraged to give reviews.

In terms of architecture, both applications are very similar and “support much of the functionality you likely need for your day-to-day Telegram usage,” according to a Telegram article. The Telegram WebZ software does not have a warning bell button, but it does have a colourful backdrop. Telegram WebK, on the other hand, has an address bar shortcut for simple installation.

When WhatsApp revealed a transition to its privacy terms earlier this year, Telegram was one of the alternative applications that saw an increase in new users. According to Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov, who was born in Russia, the encrypted messaging service gained 25 million new users in three days.

According to a previous SensorTower survey, Telegram became the most downloaded app in January, while WhatsApp dropped to fifth place.

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