The Airtel Payment Bank has launched a pay-to-call service

The Airtel Payment Bank has launched a pay-to-call service

Pay to contacts services for UPI payments have been launched by Airtel Payments Bank. Customers may now make a payment to a phone number that has been stored in their phone book.

Users of Airtel Payment Bank may now bypass inputting the bank account information or UPI ID of the individual to whom they want to send money.

“With the Airtel Pay to Contacts, our consumers no longer need to worry about inputting their bank credentials or UPI id every time they make a payment,” Ganesh Ananthanarayanan, Chief Operating Officer, Airtel Payments Bank, stated.

How can I create a bank account with Airtel Payments?

To create an Airtel Payments Bank account, go to an Airtel Store or use the Airtel Thanks app to make a video call.

• Go to the Airtel Thanks website or open the Airtel Thanks app on your smartphone.

• Type in your phone number.

• Select an identity proof [PAN, Voter ID, Driver’s License, or Aadhaar Card].

• Enter your PAN number, voter ID number, or driver’s licence number.

• Confirm the OTP

• Your Airtel Wallet account has been successfully established.

SafePay is a service provided by Airtel

Customers can now use ‘Airtel Safe pay,’ which was launched by Airtel Payments Bank earlier this year. It offered defence against the rising number of online payment fraud events.

In addition to the industry standard of two-factor authentication, the ‘Airtel Safe Pay’ solution offers an extra layer of payment validation.

“Airtel clients making UPI or Netbanking-based payments through Airtel Payments Bank no longer have to fear about money leaving their accounts without their explicit consent,” it said.

This technology, according to Airtel, would give the “highest degree of protection” against frauds including phishing, stolen credentials or passwords, and phone cloning.

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