The Boult ProBass X1-Air is now available in India

The Boult ProBass X1-Air is now available in India

The ProBass X1-Air is the latest addition to Boult Audio’s ProBass line of neckband earphones. For added bass performance, the new entrant has “aerospace-grade” alloy drivers. The earbuds also include a fast-charging battery and a 10-hour battery life.

Pricing and Specifications for the ProBass X1-Air

The Boult Audio ProBass X1-Air in-ear headphones will come in three colour options: black, blue, and red. It is available for purchase for a special price of Rs 999. It comes with a normal industry warranty of one year.

The Boult Audio ProBass X1-Air are in-ear earbuds with a neckband. A 60-degree slanted tunnel is included in the new design, which allows for improved passive noise isolation. According to the manufacturer, these earbuds also contain micro-woofers with aerospace-grade alloy drivers for added bass.

The X1-Air can run for up to 10 hours on a single charge thanks to a built-in fast-charging Lithium-ion battery. Fast charging is also available on the Boult Audio ProBass X1-Air. In about 1 to 1.5 hours, the battery may be recharged. You can obtain up to 3 months of standby time if you don’t use it very often.

In India, Boult just released the ProBass Anchor, a new set of ANC headphones. The headphones’ earcups and headband are made of soft protein leather cushioning for comfort and durability. For an attractive appearance, it has a smooth and premium-finish exterior. The headphones are only 150 grammes in weight. Large 40mm drivers are used in the Boult ProBass Anchor. The pricing of these earphones is Rs 3,999.

The Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) function of the Boult Audio Anchor is its standout feature. It focuses on cancelling or removing undesirable lower frequency noises like engines, the aircraft environment, and more. A built-in voice assistant also aids in the hands-free experience. At the touch of a button, you may call Google Assistant or Siri.

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